Avgas (100LL)

Avgas 100LL: The Octane ratings of 100 LL AvGas are essentially the same as the old product, AvGas 100/130:Number of performance: 130.0 RON (same)Blend: 99.5 octane (formerly 99.0 minimum).

AvGas 80 (also called AvGas 80/87), an aviation fuel octane lower, is manufactured in Canada. Although the standard for AvGas 80 allows a low level of tetraethyl lead, certain mixtures of this type of fuel were actually made without lead, so they were "fully unleaded. Many had originally designed for AvGas 80 have either passed AvGas 100 LL or were allowed to use unleaded petrol in the car.

Note that only the planes (Airframe and engine combinations) that have received special approval (STC - Supplemental Type Certificate, FAA, or STA - Supplementary Type Approval from Transport Canada) may use an alternative fuel such as motor gasoline. PetroValue does not sell automotive gasoline for use in aviation applications.

Avgas 100LL Our is available across Canada.Aviation Gasoline 100LL, which is dyed blue for easy identification, the product replaces Aviation Gasoline 100/130. Except for the content of lead (tetraethyl lead), all specifications for both products are the same. AvGas 100/130 (which has been dyed green) can have up to 1.28 grams per liter.

AvGas 100LL is limited to 0.56 grams per liter, "LL" meaning "low lead". (Although this level of lead is only half that of AvGas 100/130, it is still twice the lead content of leaded gasoline automobile allowed in the 1980s.) PetroValue AvGas 100LL meets the specifications of CAN / CGSB ASTM D910 3.25.   

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