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Avgas (100LL)

PetroValue offers high quality Avgas to propel your aircraft safely and efficiently. Avgas 100LL is a lead reduced fuel option that is excellent for piston engine powered commercial or private aircraft.

Avgas 100LL is available across Canada. Aviation Gasoline 100LL, which is dyed blue for easy identification, replaces Aviation Gasoline 100/130. Except for the content of lead (tetraethyl lead), all specifications for both products are the same. AvGas 100/130 (which has been dyed green) can have up to 1.28 grams per liter.

AvGas 100LL is limited to 0.56 grams per liter, "LL" meaning "low lead". Although this level of lead is only half that of AvGas 100/130, it is still twice the lead content of leaded gasoline automobile allowed in the 1980s. PetroValue AvGas 100LL meets the specifications of CAN / CGSB ASTM D910 3.25.   

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