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Land Fuels

PetroValue offers Ultra Low-Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) for land fuel vehicles and machinery that operate on roads and highways. This emission-friendly fuel is valuable in our current climate. Marine diesel is also readily available and is held to the same standard of our other services.

PetroValue distributes regular and premium unleaded gasoline to fuel stations, business’ with on-site storage tanks, and other commercial entities that require high quality gasoline.

Conventional gasoline 
Heating oil 
Clear diesel 
Winter diesel 

Biodiesel blends

We can offer wholesale benefits to our larger customers, but have the ability to service any business needs, whether large or small. If you require small, regular deliveries there might be an opportunity to increase you storage system and save by taking advantage of bulk purchases. 

Being an independently operated company we have the ability to customize our offerings to fit your needs. Let us bring the fuel to you, safely and conveniently. 


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