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Drummed Fuels

If you have a project in a rural difficult to access location or are needing a fuel tank delivered in a time-sensitive manner, PetroValue provides timely support to assist any needs.


Our team possesses decades of experience suppling drummed fuel from mining and forestry sectors to emergency forest fire support. At 205 litres per drum, filling machinery on site is painless through our team. All aviation and land fuel products can be drummed and safely delivered throughout Canada to some of the countries most trying areas.

Our fuel drums are carefully handled with the highest safety regulations and are sealed at all times. The fuel in drums should be stored in a cool, dry and shade to maintain fuel quality. If the fuel in drums should be stored outside, the drums must be stored on their sides (preferably on shelves). If this is not possible, drums should be stored upright, with a slight tilt (a 2 x 4 under one side of the drum is useful), so that water flows from the top of the drum.


The barrel must be positioned so that the drain is not the low point where it could be covered by water. The covered with plastic or tarps on the drums are also recommended. The volatile products such as automotive gasoline and aviation have a life span shorter than the storage of heavy products because the lighter volatile components evaporate over time. This alters the composition of fuels, and makes them unsuitable for use. The species of automobiles contain some elements that can degrade over time to form gums, varnish or sediment. Heavier products such as diesel, heating oil, Jet A-1, and Petrosol 3139, have no volatile components, and they retain their quality for longer periods under good storage conditions .All products in drums should be used on the principle of "first in, first out". Use the oldest product first.

Fill the codes on drums as YY / MM / DD, which is year / month / day. The stored fuel drums should be checked regularly for leaks to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater environment.  The petrol and diesel fuels are blended seasonally. The high volatility of the essence of winter can cause operational problems in the summer. The low volatility of the summer gasoline can make starting difficult in winter. The fuel was diesel can freeze or turn into wax winter causing the clogging of fuel filters.

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